Direct 2% of the income tax to help people with disabilities

According to the law in Romania, if you are an employee, you can direct 2% of the income tax paid in the previous year to a nonprofit organization that serves a cause that is dear to you. The 2% does not represent a donation or sponsorship but a percentage of the tax you have paid to the state anyway. In other words, you tell the Romanian state how to spend some of that money.

If you intend to direct 2% of the tax, but you have not decided to who, we suggest choosing Fundația Misericors - Trup pentru suflet, a nonprofit organization that helps people with disabilities overcome barriers to health by providing services medical recovery and construction of access ramps.

How can you redirect the 2% of the income tax?

STEP 1: Download the form

Download the form for targeting the percentage of income tax - 230 for salary earnings and / or 200 for other earnings. Complete it with your personal details and sign it.

STEP 2: Send/ Submit the form

Send by post or submit your completed form to the Financial Administration related to your home address (details here) until July 31, 2019.